Faisal Laibi Sahi's painting

Centenary Celebration of Saleh Alkuwaity

A) Shlomo Alkuwaity in interview with Eli Timan

Cassette 1

Part 1: Speech of Shlomo Alkuwaity

Shlomo Alkuwaity relates the history of Al Kuwaity brothers from their birth in Kuwait and describes the struggle of his father Saleh when he immigrated to Israel and his denial in Iraq. His stature is now firmly recognised. Daoud died in 1976 and Saleh passed away in 1986.

Part 2: Dialogue with Shlomo Alkuwaity

Shlomo shows an excerpt of Saleh singing Um Kalthum. Eli Timan in dialogue with Shlomo on the private life of Saleh and the relationship he had with his brother Daoud and other musicians.

B) Khalid Kashtaini in interview with Emile Cohen

Cassette 2

Part 3: Khalid Kashtainy presentation

Khalid tells his analytical thoughts about the reason why the Jews excelled in music in Iraq. Historically the Semites were Bedouins who shied away from visual art. The Arabs took on singing and the Hebrews took on music. Khalid continues with anecdotes about musicians and artists in Iraq.

Part 4: Khalid Kashtainy in dialogue

Emile Cohen explores the issue of Islam and music with Khalid Kishtainy. Khalid relates some stories about music and musicians mixed with wit and humour. Khalid refers to his book, By the Rivers of Babylon, where he explains what inspired him to write the book and where Saleh Alkuwaity plays a part. Khalid then relates the poignant love story of Saleh and Zakia George

Part 5: Khalid Kashtaini and Shlomo Alkuwaity in discussion with public

More anecdotes from Khalid . Audience participate in discussions with Khalid and Shlomo. Finally Shlomo shows an excerpt from Al Hurra TV where the subject of Saleh Alkuwaity is raised amongst music academics and this represents the rightful recognition that Shlomo was craving for his father.